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On February 18, 2021, the University of Bamenda visited the school campus of HIPTEX Yaoundé for the extension of programs at the first degree and Masters level. The delegation comprised of
Professor VICTOR NGU CHEO (Head of delegation/Chair)
Professor BI SUH ATANGA MARY (Head of Department NURSING/MEDICAL LAB, & Vice Dean Faculty of Health-VD-RC FHS)
Professor JICK HENRY (Head of Division for UNIVERSITY Cooperation- HOD/UC).
The inspection is expected to authorize HIPTEX to extend programs right up to masters level in the following fields :-

  • Field of EDUCATION (options: Science of Education, Educational Administration, Guidance and Counseling, Special Need Education and Curriculum Development and Teaching).
  • Field of BUSINESS (Options: Accountancy, Banking and Finance, Assistant Manager, Insurance and Software Engineering )
  • Field of MANAGEMENT (Options: Human Resource management, Project Management, Event Management, Transport and Logistics management and Port and Shipping management)
  • Field of HOME ECONOMICS (Options; Bakery & Food Processing, Hotel Management & Catering, food technology, Fashion Clothing & Textile and Fashion Design )
  • Field of COMMUNICATION (Options: Journalism, Printing Publishing and Editing, and Media Photograph &Audiovisual)
  • Field of BIOMEDICALS (Options; Nursing, Medical Laboratory & Midwifery)
  • Field of LAW (Options; Legal Assistant, Business Law, )

The inspection activities included a power point presentation to showcase the school and their programs as well as activities, an inspection visit in the different classrooms, workshops and Laboratories and it ended with a working session.
The directress of the institution Mme NGWEMEZON MEKONTSO CHALOTTE welcomed the team from the university, wherein she asked them to feel free and thanked God for bring them safely from Bamenda. The presentation of programs was then done by the Coordinator of Programs, Dr BAFON KENNETH and interventions came from the Director of student Assistant Coordinator of Student Affairs, Mme LUM MIRABEL Epse FOBANG. One of the main issues of the days was the tour round the school which was headed by the Assistance Academic Director of the school, Mr AKENJI CLIFFORD.
The working session was the chaired by the chairperson of the delegation from the university of Bamenda, Professor VICTOR NGU CHEO, and interventions came from all the members of the delegation.
The entire team was very impressed and encouraged HIPTEX for the great achievement they have had so far in relation to the Labs and workshops as well as equipment, but also gave a few recommendations to be worked on. The visit lasted for about 4 hours and at the end, the Directress of the institution Mme NGWEMEZON MEKONTSO CHALOTTE said all they had was ‘THANK YOU’ and wished the a safe journey.

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