Programs Offered


This program trains young Cameroonians, both male and female to be holders of Teachers Grade One Certificates, CAPIEMP. 

In the School of Education, HIPTEX runs Four Schools all at the HND, Degree, and Masters Levels. 

In this school, HIPTEX runs the following specialties, both at HND, Bachelor and Masters Degree Levels; Assistant Manager, Human Resource Management and many more. 

In this school, HIPTEX runs the following specialties, both at the HND, BACHELORS DEGREE and MASTERS: Nursing, Medical Laboratory Sciences, and much more. 

The training in HND, Degree, and Masters specialty in Journalism aims to train students to be able to publish public information through print, radio, internet, etc. 

Under this school, HIPTEX runs Bakery, Food Processing, and Fashion Clothing and Textile. 

HIPTEX runs two options under this school. That is Tourism and Travel Agency and Hotel Management and catering.

In the school of LAW/LEGAL CAREER, HIPTEX runs the following departments, both at the HND, BACHELORS DEGREE and MASTERS. 

HIPTEX runs the following departments under this school; Accountancy, Banking and Finance, Marketing, Insurance, Microfinance, and Assistant Manager. 

Your Future Starts Here

At HIPTEX, we see education as a pivotal scheme in the 2035 emergence idea being sung these days. Thus HIPTEX is the epicenter of an emergent Cameroon come 2035. We are special at HIPTEX because we train, employ and our graduates work and pay their fees. No matter how dark your path is, come to HIPTEX and we shall light your path.