School of

Home economics and social work


The Objective of the Training

Bakery and food processing is the basis of the flourishing food and service industry worldwide. Both small and large-scale Food Processing Enterprises are currently the lead provider of employment worldwide. They will be trained for food product and process design, testing and quality control, consumer surveys, and environmental protection which is needed by the Food Processing industry.

  • The ability to keep abreast of the developments in the specific field of practice.
  • The ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing using both English and French. 
  • The ability to work effectively and independently in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams. 
  • Recognition of professional, social, and ethical responsibility. 
  • An appreciation of the Cameroon historical and cultural heritage. 
  • To understand various procedures in food processing. 
  • To acquaint students with varied unit operations employed in food transformation. 
  • Acquire skills in cleaning and disinfection in the food industry. 
  • Solve problems that might occur during the planning, organization and
    implementation of a food production process. 
  • Propose creative and innovative initiatives and solutions for customized
    food service. 

Graduates from the Bakery and food processing shall be individuals with analytical and practical skills capable of: 

  • Gaining employment in the Food industry. 
  • Food product development. 
  • Food processing, and food quality control. 
  • Production and Analytical structures. 
  • Community/International food organizations and Academia, Research, Institutions or capable of setting and managing their own food-related enterprises.
  • They can also teach those at the Technical teachers Grade ones after obtaining their HNDs and DEGREES. 
  • The Department shall also generate new knowledge though Research, Consultancy and New product Development. 

Fashion, Clothing and Textile

The Objective of the Training

This training aims to provide students with technical and general notions related to the creation and the production of fabrics. The student carries out the studies and organizes the manufacturing phase while monitoring the quality of fabrics for commercialization. 

  • Communicate in a professional setting in French and English. 
  • Design business plans. 
  • Animate and manage a team. 
  • Master the basic computer tools. 
  • Create and manage a business. 
  • Use management tools and decision support tools. 
  • Synthesize a range of concepts, knowledge and skills relating to fashion, clothing and Textiles.
  • Apply complex theories to practical realistic work situations in the fashion,
    clothing and textiles industry. 
  • Could study independently and can create new products in fashion,
    clothing and textiles.
  • Have the ability to engage with complex and/or unpredictable situations in fashion and textiles contexts.
  • Be able to take responsibility for managing and directing their own and others’ activities.
  • Have an insight judgment in relation to the margins and consequences of
  • Have research and investigative skills.
  • Be responsive to change and ability to multi-task.

Graduates in Fashion, Clothing, and Textiles are open to the following: 

  • Textile designer in Hotel establishment. 
  • Machinist in the textile industry. 
  • Collaborator. 
  • Dyer. 
  • Technician in natural fiber, artificial, synthetic or dye-making enterprises. 
  • Prototypist in soft materials. 
  • Stylist in the sectors of clothing, accessories, tableware, textile designer, fashion and furniture. 
  • Modelist. 
  • Fashion Designer. 
  • Costumier of the show (cinema, theater, opera, etc.)
  • Sartorial adviser. 
  • Make-up artist and event planner. 
  • Wedding designer and dressier. 
  • Tailor/Seamstress. 

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