About Dr. Kebuya

Dr. Kebuya Nathaniel Nganchi is the founder and managing director of Higher Insitutute for Professionalism and Excellence, HIPTEX Yaounde with branches in Garoua, Bertoua, Kumba and Ebolowa. Being an educationalist, Dr. Kebuya has always had the passion to upskill young Cameroonians. He has been an instructor in the academic milieu for twelve years in different institutions and spheres. He has taught economics and commerce at both ordinary and advanced levels in several secondary schools for five years. He equally served as an administrator, that is Discipline Master in GBHS Ndop and GBHS Down Town Bamenda for seven years. He was an instructor (Teacher Trainer) for CAPIET programs NACHO TECHNICAL TEACHERS Training college three years. He dedicated the past six years of life as a lecturer in Higher Insitute for Professionalism and Excellence, HIPTEX.

Dr. Kebuya holds great position in the academic milieu; he has been an examier for the Higher National Diploma (HND) exams for five years. Also he was part of the decision board in designing the Higher National Diploma programs for education. Dr. Kebuya is an academic traveller who has represented HIPTEX University in so many countries. On his recent visit to Uganda, Kyambogo University for a conference hosted by the “International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development (ISSBD), where he gave a presentation on “Positive Parenting for Contextually Relevant Childhood in Emerging Context”.

Every good work deserves a reward. As a result of the so many excellent work which Dr. Kebuya has done, he has received so many academic awards like: “Best Teacher of the Year” awarded by Nacho Teachers Training College, “Unwavering Dedication and Selfless Commitment” awarded by Jumpstart Academy Africa; just to name a few. Dr. Kebuya is a writer who has presented many papers in seminars and different occasions nationwide and has published 7 articles in five different internationals journals. These include; “Awareness of the Importance of Personal Protective Equipment and Its Influence on Usage: The Case of Some Companies in Bamenda Municipalities” published by International Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology in 2024., he is the author of “Effects of Psychsocial factors on Use and Non-use of Personal Protective Equipment in Organisation”, published by Psychology and Counseling Health USA, Amazon books, “Individual Differences amongst Learners and it’s Role in Shaping Education” published by Global Scientific Journal. With that, he has a lot of books which are till to be published.

Dr. Kebuya Nathaniel Nganchi has dedicated his life as an example to young Cameroonians to copy. He is married, father of two and a fervent christian of the Presbyterian Church as well as a socialist who holds positions in more than 5 social groups.